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3 Pieces Pack T-shirts

US $ 150

WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO 's first 3-piece T-shirt set is now available.
A short-sleeved T-shirt with the WILDIDE logo in a set of 3, one each in white, navy, and black.
A unique combination of colors with different logo positions: white on the chest, navy on the left sleeve, and black on the hem.
A unisex item with 2 sizes that expands the range of outfit with a loose fit.
Comes with a logo bag as an accessory.

100% Cotton

Made in Japan


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Lengthshoulder widthWidthSleeve Length
XS(02)69cm46 cm50cm22cm
M (03)71.5cm50.5cm55cm23.5cm

■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
Please note, that slight differences may occur depending on the item.

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