We, Yohji Yamamoto Inc., respect your right with privacy. As we operate this website and provide you with our services, we collect, use and generate personal data about you. When we process your personal data, we undertake to comply with applicable data protection laws, including the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan (the “PDPA”) and the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (the “GDPR”). Below is our privacy policy on how we process and protect your personal data.
We may revise this privacy policy from time to time.

1. PERSON IN CHARGE (controller)

This privacy policy is issued by us, Yohji Yamamoto Inc., a company registered in Japan. When we process your personal data, we are the data controller in the meaning of GDPR and are responsible for protecting your rights with personal data.

2. PURPOSE AND LAWFUL BASIS (why and on what lawful ground we use your personal data)


We collect, use and generate the following categories of your personal data:

  1. ・ Your basic personal information to identify you and contact you, including name, gender, date of birth, email address, phone number and electrical address;
  2. ・ Your interaction with our website, including browsing history, purchase records (order date, item purchased, payment information and processing state), items in shopping cart, items in wish list and your inquiry records; and
  3. ・ Your interaction with social recommendation buttons (Facebook and Instagram) embedded in our website, including items of your recommendation and your account information with such social networks.
    We collect, use and generate your personal data described above for the following purposes on the respective lawful basis:
  4. ・ Responding to your inquiries, proceeding with your orders, facilitating your payment, delivering purchased items to you, contacting you about your purchase and delivering member services to you, on the lawful basis that it is necessary for the performance of our contract with you or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into such contract;
  5. ・ Notifying our payment service provider (Stripe) of your intention to let them keep your credit card information for future reuse, only if you give consent to such retention;
  6. ・ Delivering various marketing programs including delivering member newsletters, running loyalty programs, only if you give us consent to such processing;
  7. ・Facilitating your social interaction by sending your recommendation to social network services, only if you give us consent to such processing by clicking relevant buttons (‘LIKE or SHARE’) embedded on our website. With this regard, the operator of such social network service (namely, Facebook or Instagram) and we are joint controllers in the meaning of GDPR. For the subsequent processing by such social network operators, they are the sole controllers. You can find how they collect and use your personal data in their privacy policy at the following links:
  8. ・ Personalizing our advertising based on your interaction with our website (eg items purchased, pages browsed, etc.), only if you give consent to such processing;
  9. ・ Improving the quality of our products and your experience with our website, on the lawful basis that it is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interest; and
  10. ・ Monitoring security of our website, on the lawful basis that it is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interest.
    Where the lawfulness of our processing your personal data is based on your consent, you can revoke at any time your consent with effect for the future.


We usually don't collect and / or use sensitive categories of your personal data as defined in Articles 9 or 10 of GDPR on our website.


Cookie is a small text file that our website sends to your terminal device for the purpose of keeping certain records.
By using cookies:

  • Your terminal devices (eg browsers) remember your preferences (eg language used) and activities (eg login status, items in cart, etc.) on our website, so that we can deliver a personalized and better user experience on our website (essential cookies) );
  • We can keep track of your interaction with our website, giving us useful and important insight for improving our website (performance cookies); and
  • 3. (3) Our Adtech partners can keep track of your browsing records across internet, so that we can deliver personalized advertisement that is more likely to be of your interest (advertising cookies).

The cookie identifies your terminal device, typically your web browser, but it cannot identify your individual identity. You can choose whether to allow us or third-parties (our Adtech partners) to set performance cookies and advertising cookies.


WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO "app, provided by Yohji Yamamoto Inc. collects location information data to enable geo-targeted push notifications even when the app is not being used or only active in the background. The collected location information data is not linked to personal information. ..

6. Retention (retention period of personal data)

We will retain your personal data during your membership with our service and for further 5 years after you quit your membership. After that time we will anonymize your personal data so that we can't identify you any longer by reference to any data we retain.

7. Disclosure (who to share your personal data with)

As shown in the table below, we disclose certain categories of your personal data in so far as may be necessary for the purposes described above to the respective recipients.

Categories of personal data to be disclosed recipients
Your order information necessary for delivering purchased items to you Acca International and DHL, our logistics partners
Your order information necessary for facilitating payment Stripe and PayPal, our payment service providers
Your basic contact information and interaction with our website necessary for contacting you on your purchase or responding to your inquiries Acca International, our customer relations service provider
Your browsing history on our website (dependent on your consent) Google, our web-analytics service providers
Your recommendation of our items together with information about your social network account and your web browser identification (dependent on your consent) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, whose social plugins are embedded on our website
Your browsing history and interaction on our website that enables our Adtech partners to personalize our advertising exposure to you Facebook, Twitter, Google and Double Standard, Our Adtech Partners
Your personal data retained in our website system Our contractors that assist us in operating our website

Where such service providers are “data processors” in the meaning of GDPR, we make sure that such data processors have in place appropriate data protection measures by virtue of data processing contracts between such processors and us in compliance with Article 28 of GDPR.

8. Relocation to non-EU countries

Our website is located in Japan, which means your personal data are processed in Japan. We do not transfer your personal data to any entities located in any third countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Japan. In the event that we transfer your data to an entity located outside the EEA or Japan, we either ask for your prior consent thereof or protect your rights with personal data by virtue of a data transfer contract with the relevant recipient in accordance with GDPR and PDPA, which impose on such recipients contractual obligations to ensure adequate level of data protection equivalent to those laid down by GDPR and PDPA.

9. Your legal rights

Provided that certain conditions are met, you have legal rights to request from us the following:

  1. ・ Revocation of previously given consent to our processing of your personal data
  2. ・ Access to your personal data and to certain supplementary information covered by this notice;
  3. ・ Correction of your personal data if inaccurate or incomplete;
  4. ・ Erasure of your personal data in certain circumstances;
  5. ・ Suspension of using your personal data in certain circumstances;
  6. ・ Stopping processing your personal data in certain circumstances;
  7. ・ Obtaining your personal data in a structured, commonly used, and computer-readable format.

If you wish to exercise your right, please contact us.

10. Complaints

You can lodge complaints about our way of processing your personal data with data protection supervisory authorities.

11. Inquiries

For further information and inquiry, contact:
Privacy Manager
Yohji Yamamoto Inc.