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Room No.6

"YETI" Patch Hoodie pattern 04


Yohji Yamamoto One-of-a-kind hoodie with custom < Room No.6 > and < NORTH NO NAME > on the body of the company.
This is a special item with all the parts that symbolize each brand custom-made by hand.
Attached to the chestThe YETI patch on the "WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO" is made of a rare vintage Haraco fabric, which makes each piece different in the way it is stitched.
A WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO name tag is hand-sewn on the back of the hoodie part.

< Room No. 6 >
There are three custom-made items on the front by Room No.6.
There are three-dimensional pockets like a hunting jacket made of 40's wool blanket, and three-dimensional pockets sampling the side pockets of cargo pants made of 80's cotton satin fabric.
It also has a cartridge holder assembled from 40's canvas fabric and 90's cotton tape on the chest.

Elbow patches in olive drab and woodland camo fabrics are placed on both elbows.
The position of the patch is slightly below the elbow to give it a cold-weather parka-like detail.

Various colors of fabrics such as green, khaki, and camouflage are used throughout to create a camouflage-like atmosphere when viewed close up.

A YETI patch on the chest and a SPIDER WOMAN patch sewn over an elbow patch on the left elbow.
The YETI patch is made of 50's Haraco fabric, which is a rare and rare material because it is a vintage fabric.
The SPIDER WOMAN patch, which is placed in a visible position when viewed from the back, is made from dismantled 40's-50's cotton feed sack fabric.

The patch is embroidered with a single needle sewing machine instead of an embroidery machine, and then dyed with coffee to give it a vintage patch-like feel.

Main:100% Cotton
Parts1:100% Cotton
Parts2:100% Wool
Parts3:50% Cotton 50% Nylon
Patch1:Cow Leather/60% Wool 40% Rayon
Patch2:100% Cotton/60% Wool 40% Rayon

Made in Japan


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LengthWidthSleeve length
pattern 01(02)71cm61.5cm87.5cm
pattern 02(03)71cm61.5cm87.5cm
pattern 03(04)71cm61.5cm87.5cm
pattern 04(05)71cm61.5cm87.5cm
pattern 05(06)71cm61.5cm87.5cm

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