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F.C.Real Bristol

F.C.Real Bristol RUBBER DUCK


The second collaboration with F.C. Real Bristol, a special collection to celebrate the 24th anniversary of SOPH.
Based on the story of WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO as the main sponsor of the fictional football team F.C. Real Bristol, the brand offers 12 products covering everyone from players to supporters.

Rubber ducks are a staple of F.C.R.B. supporter merchandise.
The black body recalls the key motif of this collection, and the emblem and brand logo are printed in the same color on both sides for a collaborative look.
Kindly be aware of the following policies:
Each person is limited to one purchase per item.
We do not permit the purchase of varying sizes for individual items.
Please be advised that if you place an order with multiple sizes for one item, it may be subject to cancellation.


Made in China


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