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Suzume Uchida

"Praying Hands" Sticker


A collaboration item combining the ideas of Suzume Uchida and WILDSIDE curator Motoshi "POGGY" Ogi.

WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO The sticker incorporates Suzume Uchida's work, "Praying Hands," a unique piece of artwork created for the "Poggy" project, which is only one of its kind in the world.
The item is finished in matte gold for a sense of dignity.
Two stickers of different sizes and a collaboration name tag that originally goes on the clothing are enclosed.

The larger size sticker is a special item with a limited quantity, personally signed by Suzume Uchida.

Suzume Uchida:.
What her works have in common is a sense of rawness that comes from her original experience rather than negative emotionality.
Yohji Yamamoto The clothes co-created with the company were presented at the Paris Collection and released worldwide, and the collaboration has continued every year since 2017.
In 2020, the apparel is launched by Adidas Y-3.
In 2022, he will collaborate with be@rbrick. Numerous exhibitions at galleries and domestic and international art fairs.

Suzume Uchida and WILDSIDE curator Motoshi "POGGY" Ogi discuss their thoughts on painting "Praying Hands".
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Made in Japan


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