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Y's for men LOOK BOOK T-shirt B


Created by Atsushi Okubo, a pioneering Japanese stylist.The photographs are selected by Mr. Okubo from the legendary catalogs of the 1980s by the famous Paris, France-based design unit.This special graphic T-shirt was designed by Joe McKenna, a world-renowned stylist.
The graphic is a rare photo of world-renowned stylist Joe McKenna modeled on the T-shirt, and the hand-written words "JOE'S MEMORIES" blend together to create a unique and unique look. The graphic is a combination of a rare photograph modeled by stylist Joe McKenna and hand-written "JOE'S MEMORIES,The unique design includes the characterized-like technique of the
In addition, the cast members of the filming at that time are marked on the left sleeve,The item gives a sense of the history of the creation of the worldview of the "Mere Old Man".

Click here to read an interview with Atsushi Okubo about episodes from the filming at that time.
Content Vol.11

100% Cotton

Made in Japan


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