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Patch Polo Shirt(Black)

US $ 250

WILDSIDE Polo shirt with original patches attached in various places.
The texture of the fabric is created by product-dyeing the white polo shirt, and the white color of the remaining stitches is accented by the white color that has not been dyed.
Available in two sizes. You can choose to wear either a true size or an oversized shirt.

Because of the product dyeing, there are slight individual differences in size.

100% Cotton

Made in Vietnam


Size information by SIZEGUIDE.
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Lengthshoulder widthWidthSleeve Length
M (03)68.5cm48.5cm55.5cm22.5cm
L (04)71.5cm50cm59cm24cm

■ Notes

・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
Please note, that slight differences may occur depending on the item.

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