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Cotton Chino 5B Shirt Jacket


The daily that can be used everyday with high-density Cotton fabric is also durable, and the black is expressed in a darker and more prominent way, and the original line is also detailed.
The shirt jacket, which evokes the image of coveralls, is a design with flap pockets with gusset in places and full of functionality.
It adopts a right shoulder cloth and an easy-to-use one-ball edge pocket.
The lining of the pocket is khaki and you can see the attention everywhere.
When you remove the cufflinks, fold the cuffs and put them on, the tightness comes out outfit and the whole thing looks cool.
The size is available in two sizes, 1 and 3, and it is a unisex item that can be worn by both ladies and men.
By matching the pants of the same material series, everything is compatible as a setup.

100% Cotton

Made in Japan


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Lengthshoulder widthWidthSleeve Length
XS (01)74cm49.5cm59.5cm62cm
M (03)78cm52cm63.5cm64cm

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・ All clothing is placed flat on a flat table for measurement.
Please note, that slight differences may occur depending on the item.

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