The Enduring Identity of HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET with Over 50 Years of History

―The Hollywood Ranch Market opened in Sendagaya in 1972.
In the same year, Yohji Yamamoto's first brand, Y's, was launched.
We interviewed Y's and Yohji Yamamoto to find out how their identities, born out of a history that has continued for over 50 years, came together in this collaboration, while exploring the roots and concept of Hollywood Ranch Market.

ーHollywood Ranch Market is a brand with a history of over 50 years. Please tell us what kind of concept you started with at the time.

Flowers, fragrances, water, the feel of the sun, and a warm light turning on at nightfall.
We opened our first store in 1972 in Sendagaya, Tokyo, in the hopes of creating such a warm and welcoming place.

The founder, who had traveled the world before opening the store, decided to bring the fashion and culture he had experienced during his travels to Japan and began selling mainly American vintage clothing, which was still rare in Japan, as well as incense, miscellaneous items, and accessories.
The name “HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET” comes from the name of a supermarket where the founder worked part-time when he was traveling in the United States.
He was so impressed with the thriving supermarket, which offered a wide range of products from food to clothing, that he named the brand after it.

ーPlease tell us about Hollywood Ranch Market's style of craftsmanship and what kinds of things are important to you.

We want to continue to create items that speak to people's hearts while combining the best balance of vestiges (the charm of items that have lived through layers of time), seasons ( capturing the atmosphere of the current era), and moving forward (proposing new styles).
We hope we can be of service to people by creating items that combine these three elements.
We also would like to help solve the world's “unsatisfactory” issues through the “clothing, food, and housing” related business being done by the Seirin Corporation Group.
We will continue to evolve and grow as a lifestyle store, contributing to enriching people's lives.

ーPlease tell us about the inspiration behind this item collaborated with WILDSIDE, and why you chose it.

WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO wanted to create a product that would make the most of the color black, which is the color of YOHJI YAMAMOTO and chose this item since it expresses our company's characteristics. The stretch milled T-shirt in particular is one of our long-selling items.
For this collaboration, we have created a special model that is an updated version of our iconic original item.

ーPlease tell us why you decided to collaborate with WILDSIDE this time. What was your impression of WILDSIDE, and what kind of shared feelings did you have?

WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO and Yohji Yamamoto's attitude toward manufacturing and their consistent identity resonated with us very much, so we felt that we could take on a new challenge and collaborate with Yohji Yamamoto.

ーDo you have any thoughts on the actual completed collaboration piece?

We believe that we were able to create this collection piece using WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO's fabric and our original design, neither of which goes against the image of the two companies.
We would be delighted to bring HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET to people who are not yet familiar with us.
We hope that a wide range of people will give us a try.

The original brand of Seirin Kouji Co., Ltd. started in 1972 in Sendagaya, Tokyo, based on casual styles such as denim western shirts. In 1979, the company relocated to Daikanyama, where it now offers a variety of fashion and lifestyle items based on “making things that can be worn in any era.”