Founder Sat Hari of God’s True Cashmere shares her thoughts on the collaboration with WILDSIDE.

Holistic healer Sat Hari and actor Brad Pitt and have launched the cashmere brand "God’s True Cashmere".
Their items, which combine the finest quality cashmere with gemstones, offer a soft touch that everyone finds comfortable. In their first collaboration, WILDSIDE and "God’s True Cashmere" shirts, WILDSIDE curator and interviewer Kogi "Poggy" Motofumi interviewed Satt Hari.

Poggy:Since the brand launch in 2019, it has been about four and a half years. Could you tell us again about the brand concept and what is important to the brand?

Sat Hari:We launched God’s True Cashmere in December 2019. Brad Pitt has been my friend for quite some time, and I had a dream. One night, I went to sleep on Tuesday, and I dreamt about Brad. He was standing in front of me, wearing green cashmere—a green cashmere hat, a sweater, and pants. I looked at him and said, "Why are you wearing so much green? Are you going golfing?" He laughed and replied, "No, I just need more softness in my life. I need more green, I need more softness." I had this dream on a Tuesday, and I saw him and told him about the dream on a Thursday. He said, "That's so strange because on Tuesday, I told my stylist that I needed green cashmere in my life for more softness." It was amazing because I had the dream on Tuesday, he told his stylist on Tuesday, and I told him on Thursday. So, I decided to make a gift for my friend—something that would make him feel loved, bring softness to his life.
I started calling around to different fashion houses to see if anyone had a green cashmere shirt, but nobody did. Another friend was in Assisi, Italy, and she went to dinner with a man who owned a factory. As I was speaking to him, I realized he had done some woven cashmere many years ago that I really liked. I asked if he could make a green cashmere shirt for Brad. I think he thought I was joking, but he made the shirt.
During this time, I thought to myself, "What if I did something really special and put gemstones on the front?" We have energy centers in our bodies, known as chakras. I thought, “What if I put gemstones for healing on the shirt?” About 15 years ago, I started a high-end jewelry business called Amra Jewelry, focusing on the healing properties of gemstones. I thought, "Why not apply those properties to the body with the shirt?"

In numerology, the number 11 is very important because it signifies mastery. We are all masters inside ourselves, so I wanted to remind everyone of their inner excellence by incorporating the chakras down the front of the shirt. I gave Brad the shirt, and he loved it. I decided to start a business.

My background is in medicine—I've been practicing holistic medicine for 26 years, nothing related to fashion. Yet, I decided to start this brand.
We used Brad as a fit model for a size medium and made a pattern. I tried it on about 50 people—short, tall, large, and different shapes and sizes—to see how the shirt would fit. Our measurements are unique, but people love it because it fits everyone well. The most important thing is this woven cashmere. So, we started the business, and that's how it all began.

Poggy: Do you and Mr. Brad Pitt decide the details of the shirts together?

Sat Hari:Yes, Brad and I sit together almost every week and pick colors for each item. He is very particular about this. So, we argue a lot.
Each gemstone has a certain healing property. So, for example, emerald which is for healing and prosperity. Some people may pick up the shirt and be attracted because of beautiful green stone, but other people may feel the energy of the stone.
We have 11 different gemstones and on the hang tag of our shirts, it tells you what the healing property of each stone is and why do we use it. That's basically how we got to the gemstones.

Poggy:Could you explain the rose quartz on our collaboration shirt?

Sat Hari:Rose quartz is for love. It opens your heart and that is our whole ethos of our brand. And I really want to share that love with the world. We hope everyone who touches the shirts feels this intention that we put into it.

Here is our mission statemen;
“God’s True Cashmere began with a dream. In my dream, Brad, a dear friend of mine, asked for a gift, a very special gift: a shirt in green made only of cashmere. “Softness,” he said, “I need more softness in my life.” Coming to Brad in person to recount this bizarre dream, he shared he had in fact hoped for such a garment. So, I searched and searched for that beautiful cashmere shirt and found nothing. This gift, this nurturing gift, did not yet exist. As I began to piece together this gift for him, locating the finest artisans across the world, I began to realize this gift of softness was an important one. We all thirst for that familiar, gentle touch. We all seek that soft and loving embrace. What touch do you remember the most? Is it the touch of a mother? Is it the touch of a lover? Is it the touch of a beloved animal? Is it the feel of the blanket wrapped around you as a child? Is

it the feel of your feet nestled in tropical sand at your favorite beach? Our touch is our love made palpable. And it is from this knowing that God’s True Cashmere was born. With discernment, I have woven every inch with the finest cashmere, with softness worthy of the God in you. With care, I have bestowed each shirt with 7 buttons down the front of the garment, representing the chakras and 11 buttons total which is the number of masteries in numerology. Each button imbued with a healing gemstone lovingly selected for you. Each garment is precious and rare as your own unique touch. It is a gentle embrace through all your journeys. It will hold you while you work. It will hold you while you play. It will hold you in the discovery of new horizons, or while you revel in the familiar embrace of a loved one. And now, as I fold this shirt in front of me, preparing to send this special gift of softness along, I realize I have made this garment just for you, because you deserve to feel loved. I believe we all do.”

Poggy:What does a relaxing and comfortable time for you look like?

Sat Hari:I love to work, and I really enjoy creating and helping people heal with seeing them regain the joy inside of themselves.
I also love to be in nature. I love the ocean and equally love the mountains. I love to see the colors, and I think I could never come as close as God to the perfection of the beauty of this plant, whether it be a fish in the ocean or just even a flower on the tree. And I'm constantly striving to be able to match that, but I know I never can. However, I really enjoy the magnificence of the plant and what it has to offer. I also really enjoy talking to people, hearing their stories, because everyone has a story. Furthermore, I love making jewelry. I love looking at gemstones and seeing the different facets inside of the gemstone, just like each of us is different faceted person.
I also love to laugh.

Poggy:Could you tell us how you started the collaboration with WILDSIDE?

Sat Hari:Paola, from Just One Eye from Los Angeles introduced WILDISDE to me and I think this would be an amazing project. So, I was so honored when she even mentioned it to me - I thought, "Really? And we just started.
I don't really have words because I'm so honored that the collaboration between God’s True Cashmere and WILDSIDE is happening.

Poggy:Could you tell us more about WILDSIDE × God’s True Cashmere x collaboration?

Sat Hari:Each shirt uses our own materials, yet with the patterns of WILDSIDE, and it's such an interesting collaboration. At first time, I was wondering “How are we going to mix the different shapes and different sizing with our very traditional shirt?” However, when the patterns came out, I was happily surprised at how unique it is, and I'm so happy to see the key visuals, because they look amazing. There must have been a lot of hard work to figure out how to do the stitching and the different textures of material because the way cashmere moves is actually very unique. I'm really pleased at the combination of WILDSIDE’s patterns and God’s True Cashmere’s materials. I hope the world sees it as amazing as we do.

Poggy:Could you give a message to everyone who will be discovering WILDSIDE × God True Cashmere collaboration?

Sat Hari:My message would be that I hope they receive the love that's in the materials and the innovative design of WILDSIDE. Also, I hope they feel cherished and realize the beauty that's inside of them when they wear the shirt. When you put the shirt on and it touches your skin, then you get the message of our mission statement and what we're trying to share with the world - which is our love.